Hourglass Seamless Finish Vanish Foundation Review

I saw a review for the Hourglass Seamless Finish Vanish Foundation on Beautezine and bought it the second it hit the shelves at my local Sephora. She made it sound pretty amazing, so much so that I stalked it until it popped up as available in-store. I didn’t want to chance ordering the wrong shade online-with foundation I just prefer to see it in person. I wasn’t planning on doing this review, as I wasn’t  anticipating blogging again, so I don’t have fresh out of the box product pictures. But you know I’ve used it enough to give a thorough opinion on it.

Packaging. Love it. It’s sleek and functional, a retractable, triangular tube that makes it easy to apply product to your face. The shiny surface can get smudgy, but it can be wiped clean, unlike the rubbery surface of say, a Nars blush. Rating: 5/5


Performance. This is supposed to be a long-wear (12 hours), full coverage, waterproof foundation. The formula glides onto the skin easily when you swipe it onto your face. I’ve used a brush and the beauty blender to apply this and I prefer the latter. It just seems to help move the foundation around more easily than a brush and makes it meld into the skin more naturally. I’ve worn it with and without primer and I think the application is better with the primer. It can cling to dry patches so make sure to moisturize well before use. I’d say it has a satin finish and looks more natural on the skin. It’s also probably the best shade match I’ve ever had in a foundation-I got Sand which is for light to medium skin with a golden undertone.  It’s not as long wearing as the Estée Lauder Double Wear,  so I wouldn’t wear it on a long haul day or if I’m going to be out in the summer heat and humidity. It starts to breakdown around my nose before 8 hours, but I do have an oily T-zone. It looks awesome everywhere else. It would probably last the full 12 hours on someone with normal to dry skin. Rating:4/5

Price. This retails for $46 USD which is super pricey considering you only get 0.25 oz of product. I get that this is a cream foundation and they say that a little goes a long way, but I feel like to get a really good full coverage you’re going to end up using more and you’ll run through it really quickly. If it came in double or triple the amount I think it would be more worth the price. Rating: 4/5

Overall rating: 4.3/5

I would actually buy this foundation again because it applies easily and it looks so natural that I can get away with just slapping it on without even having to bronze or apply blush. With the Double Wear or pretty much any other foundation I’ve tried, it’s obvious that I’m wearing foundation and I need to add warmth and dimension to my face with other products. With this it really is just like “my skin but better”.

If you’ve given this a try yet, let me know if it’s love or hate.