New brand discovery: Belif Eucalyptus Toner, Facial Scrub, and Aqua Bomb Review

Korean skincare seems to be the thing of the moment as of late, with U.S. retailers like Sephora starting to stock their shelves with K-Beauty products. And for good reason, I think we’ve all heard how amazing it is and how seriously women in Asia take their skincare. I remember it all starting with BB creams, which I never really got fully into because the shades they came in were just way too light for me. When Sephora started carrying Tony Moly, I started trying a few more things, but I haven’t gone much further than the occasional sheet mask since then. I’ve been pretty satisfied with my skincare routine, but I couldn’t resist the lure of even better skin. So as I started to run out of the some of my usuals I decided to replace them with new Korean skincare. I ended up liking my first buy so much that I decided to stay within the same brand.

Belif Eucalyptus Extract Toner. This purchase was definitely driven by the reviews, a majority of them being raves. This toner has eucalyptus and apple extract and is meant to help balance and soothe combination to oily skin. It has a nice light scent and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. It seems to help heal my breakouts and I feel like my skin is more clear more often since I started using it. My T-zone also isn’t as oily when I wake up in the morning. I can’t say that it has made my pores any smaller though. Overall, I was very pleased with this toner and would recommend it.

Belif Mild and Effective Facial Scrub. I’d ran out of the daily exfoliating cleanser I’d been using every morning and while I think it’s great, I wanted to try something new. Some of the reviewers actually said that they could see the dead skin sloughing off (gross, but strangely satisfying). This scrub is meant to be used once or twice a week. It looks like your typical gel cleanser with microbeads. The first time I used it, my initial thought was, “This isn’t gonna work, there aren’t enough scrubbies.” But after a few seconds I felt something else as I rubbed and on closer inspection I saw what people were taking about-your dead skin actually starts to ‘pill’ off. You’re only supposed to massage it in for 30 seconds, honestly I probably do it for a little longer. Nothing crazy happened and my skin is in no way irritated. It doesn’t necessarily feel smoother like after using a good physical exfoliant, but it does feel more like ‘fresh’ skin. I don’t know how else to describe it. I only use it once a week, honestly I’m kind of scared to try it twice for fear of rubbing too much skin off! It really does work and this was another win.

Belif The true cream-aqua bomb. This moisturizer has been pretty hyped about and is the reason I initially heard about the brand, so I decided to give the sample size a try since it was available as a point perk. I’d run out of my Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation and wanted something more hydrating for the winter. This is a light blue gel moisturizer with a slight citrusy scent. It’s targeted towards more oily skin types, there is a cream version for dry skin.  It absorbs well and I do find it more moisturizing than the Sheer Transformation. It doesn’t leave my skin looking greasy at all. I like it more for the daytime, I still like using a heavier cream at night. My sample is just about gone so I’ll be purchasing the full size soon.

Overall, I’m glad I decided to try out Belif and will likely try out more from them! If you’ve tried any of these products or anything else from the brand, please share what you think down below.


Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum Review

I’ve been meaning to add a retinol to my skincare routine for awhile, especially after reading Stash Matters’ post on grading her friends’ skincare routines, as well as her own (you can read about it here). I started looking for one before going on vacation last month, but held off on starting anything new until I got back. I looked at a few different options, but finally decided to try the Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum. It has great reviews and it sounded like it wouldn’t be irritating on my skin. My skin was still acting crazy since coming back from vacation and many reviewers noted that it helped with their breakouts and fading acne scarring. And over the past year I’ve really started to notice the fine lines developing around my mouth, between my eyebrows, and under my eyes. If you want to read more about what retinol is and its benefits, I’ll refer you here to the Paula’s Choice website, a great resource for all your skincare questions.

Here’s what the brand says:

This technologically advanced combination of encapsulated retinol, and vitamins C and E, encourages the skin’s renewal process with prime efficacy. It helps improve skintone and texture, assists in collagen production, and reduces lines and wrinkles to create a vibrantly youthful and healthy complexion. A dose of moisture minimizes redness and irritation, and mitigates the retinol’s drying effects.

The packaging here is not my favorite, anything that comes in a glass bottle just means I need to be extra careful to prevent any accidents. I’m guessing the dropper style dispenser was the best method they could come up with due to the consistency of the serum, but I’m still not very fond of it. You don’t need a ton of this stuff so I’m assuming a pump would probably dispense too much product.

I always open the bottle and make sure to dispense whatever serum is in the dropper before shaking it up. I usually use around 8-10 drops to cover my entire face and a 3 more on my neck and chest. The serum is quite thin, so I do have to be careful to make sure my fingers are tightly squeezed together before dropping them on. I actually tilt my head back while applying this to let any product that slipped through the cracks drip down towards my face. The consistency is very thin and the formulation seems to be somewhere between a serum and an oil. I rub the product between my fingers before pressing it into my skin. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily whatsoever. I put two drops into the palm of my hand to show how it looks, it’s almost water-like in its density. I rubbed it into the back of my hand to show how it doesn’t leave any oily residue on the skin and that it absorbs very easily. There is no scent to the serum in case you were wondering.

I’ve been using this for about a month now, but honestly, I was thisclose to writing a rave about it the next day! The first night I used it I was amazed when I woke up, my active breakouts were significantly smaller and my acne scars even looked better! I was pretty shocked at how fast it worked. I used it every night straight that week because of how good my skin would look every morning. And it hasn’t irritated my skin whatsoever despite its frequent use. I even use it under my eyes before putting on my eye cream and I’ve had no issues. At this point I typically use it 4-5 days a week, depending on how my skin is looking, the other days I use the Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Treatment (an AHA based product).

Fast-forward to a month later and my skin has never looked better. I haven’t been breaking out as much, and when I do they heal much more quickly. My acne scars are lighter, my skin tone and pores all look better, I barely notice any fine lines anymore, and generally my skin just looks healthier. I’ve been able to go makeup-less without a hint of self-consciousness (other than my wimpy looking eyebrows). My skin still isn’t perfect, but I haven’t felt this good about how it looks in years.

So here’s the breakdown:

Packaging: 3/5

The glass, dropper style bottle is functional for the consistency of the serum, but if you’re accident prone make sure to be extra careful while using this.

Performance: 4/5

My only annoyance with this is that it is so thin, it’s hard to control the product while I’m applying it. In terms of results, it’s totally worth the trouble. My skin is less prone to breakouts and any hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and pores are reduced. My skin is overall brighter and even. Amazing!

Price: 5/5

This stuff isn’t cheap at $65 dollar a pop, but I think it’s worth every penny. I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I finish the bottle. For me, it lives up to its claims. I’ve used it for about a month and it’s slightly under the level of where the label hits the top of the bottle, so I’m guessing it’s going to last me another 3-4 months at least. I’m not drowning my face in this stuff, but I don’t feel like I skimp on it either and I’m not running out of it too quickly.

Overall rating: 4/5

If you’re in the market for a retinol, I would urge you to try this one. The Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM Night Serum has been a game changer for me. Love it and can’t be without it.

What’s you’re favorite retinol?

Skin S.O.S. with Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

My skin recently went through almost two weeks of non-stop craziness and I thought I’d share what I did to combat it. Just to preface, I have combination skin (oily T-zone and normal to dry everywhere else) that is somewhat acne prone. I changed up my skincare routine with a new moisturizer because I thought it would be a good addition to my nighttime routine, but nope. I ended up breaking out on my forehead and cheeks. A lot. I initially didn’t relate it to the moisturizer because I had just tested a new makeup product, but after two weeks I realized it was the only real difference in my usual routine and I had only used the makeup product once. I returned it for my usual Ole Henriksen Nurture Me moisturizer and this weekend my skin finally feels mostly recovered. One of the things I finally whipped out after a long retirement is the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay, an old go-to for breakouts and oily skin. The ‘secret’ is actually bentonite clay, which is supposed to work well at drawing impurities out of the skin (read more about that here). This is the cheaper alternative mask I’d mentioned when I did a mini review of the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

I’d actually first heard about this mask from a beauty YouTuber and because at the time my skin was even more oily than it is now, I wanted to give it a shot. I found it at Whole Foods. I remember I was looking at it and these two guys with gorgeous skin actually stopped to tell me how much they love this mask. That was enough to sell me. The big bold ‘FEEL YOUR SKIN PULSATE’, was a little scary, but not enough to deter me. It’s recommended to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a mixing agent, but if you have sensitive skin than water is a better bet. I like the Bragg’s Organic for this since I’m using it on my face. Here’s what I usually do:

1. Take 1 tablespoon of the clay powder and put it into a small bowl.

2. Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

3. Mix until well combined. I usually play around a little here, adding more powder or vinegar until it’s kind of a mousse-like texture. Like chocolate mousse, not hair mousse. Also, it tends to bubble a little, but don’t be alarmed.

4. Spread it on your face. I use an old foundation brush for ease. I tend to pack it on too, but you can go lighter.

Then I sit and wait. The first time I used this, it did ‘pulsate’. But, nothing crazy. Since then, the sensation barely registers anymore. I usually keep it on for 20 minutes, for sensitive skin they recommend 5-10 minutes. I use a washcloth to help loosen the clay and really clean it from my skin.

You will likely have some redness after use, definitely moisturize well after washing your face. It does fade after a few minutes. You will notice your pores are tighter, my blackheads are reduced and by the next day my breakouts look smaller as well. Your skin will also feel a bit drier so keep up with the moisturizer. I really like this mask, I only use it as an emergency intervention when my skin is misbehaving and it does help.

My other steps to combating a breakout are:

1. Go back to your basic routine. Ditch anything you might be using that’s newer in your regimen.

2. Lighten up your base. I stop with any liquid foundation and stick to spot concealing and powder foundation. Or skip makeup entirely.

3. Go full-fledged with the acne treatment. I love the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (review here), I’ve been using a thin layer all over my face and after 3-4 days I’ve had no new breakouts and all the old ones are on the mend.

Have you tried the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay? What do you do to combat a breakout?

April Mask Maven Bag: Hydrating Sheet Masks Review

Instead of doing separate posts on each of the sheet masks I received for review from Beautique in the April Mask Maven bag (review here), I decided to group them together by category. Since it’s still pretty chilly here and my skin hasn’t recovered from the dryness of winter, I thought I’d start with the hydrating masks. I also recently started breaking out like crazy (I’ll have an upcoming post on that as well) and have been hitting my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo hard, which has only compounded the issue. The first mask I tried is from My Beauty Diary and is called the Mexico Cactus Mask. It’s ingredients include calendula and aloe which are supposed to “soothe and moisturize the skin, leaving it looking refreshed”. The directions for all the sheet masks are the same, you basically take the mask out and apply it to clean skin, making sure that it adheres to all the contours of your face. The Mexico Cactus Mask was my first sheet mask experience so of course I had to take the obligatory face mask selfie. When you take the mask out of the package, it’s folded with a plastic sheet to make it easier to unfold. The sheet is actually quite, for lack of a better word, juicy. At least that’s the first word that came to mind. I actually used the excess serum left on my hands from applying the mask and patted it into my neck, chest, and back of my hands. After that all you do is wait for 20 minutes before removing and patting the rest of the serum into your skin. It actually felt really nice on my skin, very cooling, which I could appreciate because I used it after I’d done a T25 workout. I actually waited until the serum was fully absorbed and my skin didn’t feel moist anymore before applying my usual skincare treatments and moisturizer. I will say that my skin definitely felt more hydrated after using the mask, I almost felt like I didn’t need to apply another moisturizer on top. I’m not sure that my skin looked more ‘refreshed’, but it did feel it. When I woke up the next morning, my skin still felt good, but I’m not someone who wakes up feeling like my face is super dry either.  The Hanaka Botanic Treatment Reviving Mask was the next one that I tried. Same idea as the Mexico Cactus Mask in terms of use, however I did appreciate that the instructions on the packaging were in English and had pictures. The two featured ingredients here are aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, both which are great for adding moisture to the skin. The face mask was the same in concept, it was cut in slightly different places and was a little harder to ‘fit’ to my face. However, I did feel like this was slightly more hydrating than the Cactus Face Mask. My skin also looked much nicer in tone the next morning and along with that, any blemishes I had on my face actually looked more reduced too. I can’t say for sure if it was all the mask, but it was the only thing different in my usual night routine. The overall winner here is the Hanaka Botanic Treatment Reviving Mask. Although it was a little harder to fit, my skin looked better and felt more moisturized after using it. Both are nice masks, but the Hanaka is just a hair better.

Have you tried either of these masks before? What’s your favorite hydrating sheet mask?

*The April Mask Maven Bag was sent to me for review by Beautique, as always, all thoughts and opinions shared here are my own.

A beauty mini quickie: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula

I’ve had this little mini hanging around in my bathroom drawer for quite some time now because I was kind of scared of it. When I think of a chemical peel, I think of that Sex and the City episode where Samantha gets one before Carrie’s book release party and has to veil her face. And while I know this at-home peel is nothing compared to what you’d get at the dermatologists’ office, the words extra strength made me very hesistant to try this. Last week was not a good one for my skin because of some hormonal breakouts (I’ll let you figure out why) and I just wanted those pesky blemishes gone. I figured there was no better time to give the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength Formula a try.

According to the brand (taken from Sephora’s website):

“This more powerful version of the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel provides higher concentrations of Alpha Beta® Acids—plus new antiaging boosters that deliver a stronger peel without added irritation or recovery time. Especially suited for stubborn skin conditions that have not responded favorably to other antiaging treatments, this peel improves the appearance of fine lines, reduces pores, and treats breakouts. Regular use can visibly improve dark spots and skintone. Easy to apply, simply sweep the pre-soaked cotton towelettes across the face according to the two-step system.” Source

This sample sized box contains 3 of the 2-step packets. They remind me of alcohol wipe pads, but larger.

The directions state:
-Apply Step 1 to clean, dry skin in circular motions from forehead to neck.
-Continue until pad feels dry.
-Wait two minutes before applying Step 2 using same technique as Step 1.
-Do not rinse after either step or use products containing alcohol.

-Sunburn alert: this product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun and particularly the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen and limit sun exposure while using this product and for a week afterwards.

I used this product over the span of a few days only at night, taking 1-2 days in between uses. I don’t usually like to read reviews before trying a product, but I wasn’t clear as to if I was supposed to use this on subsequent days or if I was supposed to leave a day in between. Most said that it would probably be best for a first time user to leave time between uses. One reviewer also suggested cutting each pad in half to save money on product, which I actually did try. I actually preferred using the whole pad though, so I only tried that once. Although half a pad was enough to cover my face, it just didn’t seem as effective. After washing my face, I skipped the toner and just applied Step 1 all over my face and neck until I felt I’d used every bit of moisture on the pad. After two minutes, I applied Step 2. I skipped my usual nighttime skin treatments and just went straight to moisturizer and eye cream.

I will say that you will feel a burning sensation with both steps, more so with the first. It’s not intolerable and it does start to fade before you even open the packet for Step 2. It did leave my face a bit red, but nothing long-lasting and nothing compared to Samantha. The next morning, my face did appear smoother and my blemishes did appear smaller. I don’t feel like my fine lines were much different and it didn’t fade my acne scarring at all. I already exfoliate regularly so I think that’s why I didn’t see significant differences there.


  • convenient packaging
  • quick and easy for at-home use
  • skin appeared smoother
  • blemishes were reduced


  • may be too irritating for sensitive skin
  • no changes were seen in fine lines and acne scarring
  • make your skin more sun sensitive
  • expensive (5 treatments for $16 to 60 treatments for $148)

Verdict: I didn’t see enough change in my skin to feel like this is worth the investment, I’m guessing I’d need even more than 5 treatments and I’m not willing to pay the expense. It did help with the breakouts I was having which was nice, but the exfoliation and skin treatments I’m using now seem to be effective enough for my skin concerns for the time being.

If you’ve tried this already, please share your experience!

Battle of the eye creams.


I’ve been on the hunt for a new eye cream for awhile now so when I got a bunch of samples skincare samples from Sephora, I was happy to see several eye creams included. These are the four I tried:

1. Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

This little sample has truly gone the distance, I only used it in the morning to maximize the brightening effects for daytime and it lasted at least 2 months if not longer. I did a first impression review here. But to update, I didn’t feel like it was hydrating enough and the brightening effect is so subtle it didn’t do it for me. Plus, I really wanted something I could use day and night.

2. Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream

This eye cream has a hybrid gel-cream consistency and is easily absorbed. It’s meant to ‘moisturize and refresh tired looking eyes’. It felt nice on my eye area and was the most hydrating. I know my eyes are on the dry side when the crease on my eye starts to fold in weird ways, the whole time I used this I had no problem with that. It does have a fragrance to it, to me it’s a sweet cucumber type smell. I can also use this day and night which I like.

3. Verso Super Eye Serum

This product was a bit confusing to me, when I think serum I still think I need to apply a moisturizer over top. Some days I continued to use my Clinique All About Eyes and somedays I’d skip it. It does absorb well into the undereye area, it’s also a light consistency versus a heavier cream.  This product is supposed to help with fine lines (it contains retinol), which I do have, but I’m pretty sure I’ve had them forever. I actually do feel like this product slightly minimized them over the week I used it. I wonder if they would have been further reduced if I had a full size, but really, I’m not paying $80 to find out. I still felt like it wasn’t quite hydrating enough either.

4. Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel

This product is meant to be used at night and is supposed to ‘lift, firm, cool, and depuff’. This one is a real gel consistency and I felt like it was a little sticky on application. You’re supposed to put it under the eye area, extending to the temples, and for maximum effect kind of hold your skin in place while lifted while the gel dries. I didn’t do all that, but FYI. I just didn’t feel like the gel absorbed well enough into my skin and it wasn’t hydrating enough for me either. And it wasn’t something I could use during the day.

Ultimately, the winner was:

It was the most hydrating, it absorbed well and I actually do feel like my eye area looks a bit more “refreshed” in the mornings. Any darkness under my eyes is still there, but it does seem better. I think this is mostly attributed to getting more sleep at night. I really feel like my eyes are moisturized, I’m not getting anymore crazy creasing of my eyelids since using this consistently. My under eye area feels much smoother and in much better condition as well. It works well under my eye makeup because it’s not too oily and it does double duty for night as well.


What eye cream are you using lately?

Current favorites: February 2015

It’s favorites time again, here’s what made the cut this month.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette & Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer: I can thank these two products for making my skin look good, if I’ve ever gotten a comment about how my skin looks it’s because I’ve used these during my foundation routine. They are my go-to primer and finishing powder anytime I use foundation.

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Warm Me Up: This is a forever favorite, but I found myself grabbing this often, especially when I was in a rush. It’s just a beautiful nude shade and it’s so easy to wear. It’s a crème finish so it’s especially forgiving during the winter months.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 HR Blush in Exposed: This is another easy product that I love, it’s a pinky nude shade that I just can’t go wrong with when I don’t know what else to wear. It also has great lasting power, I’ve never done a whole 12 hours, but for my usual 9-10 hours of makeup wear it holds up well.

Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer: I reached for this most of the time I wore foundation this month, it just gives you that natural, but perfect skin look. It takes more finessing, but I also don’t need to worry about covering up any blemishes or discoloration after application. Love it.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster: This serum has truly made my skin better ever since I started using it last year. I honestly don’t think I can be without it anymore. My skin is just brighter, more even, and I actually think it has helped to lessen my breakouts. I’m planning on posting an updated skincare routine soon since I’ve been consistently using all the products and I’m really happy with how my skin has looked lately.

What were your favorites this month?

Simple Cleansing Micellar Water Review


Ever since I heard about Bioderma from the European beauty bloggers on YouTube, I’ve wanted to try it. It’s not readily available in the US so I still have yet to try it (although I did hear that you can purchase it online at Beautylish). When Sephora started carrying Koh Gen Do, I tried the Cleansing Spa Water (which is awesome in case you were wondering) in the smaller travel size, but I didn’t want to pay $40 for the larger bottle.
I was fine using my much cheaper Neutrogena makeup remover wipes (this is before I started using cleansing oil). When I heard about the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water, I went to Target to pick it up. At $6.99, it’s much more affordable. I’m still loyal to my double cleansing routine, but it’s always good to have a back up or for times I want to quickly remove my makeup in the afternoon.


It is packaged in a bottle with a snap top lid with hole to dispense the product. It really is just like water in consistency and feel, there is no scent or greasy residue left on my face after application. I used cotton pads to remove my makeup with this product, more specifically FOUR well-soaked cotton pads on a day I used liquid foundation. Even if I was using just power foundation and concealer, I’d probably still use at least three. On the fourth cotton pad I was still picking up makeup residue, but at that point I felt like my Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Cleanser would take care of the rest. With the Koh Gen Do I was good after two. The other issue I had is that it doesn’t remove waterproof mascara, which the KGD did. I wear waterproof mascara all the time as of late, so I had to go in with my Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. With my Garnier Cleansing Oil, I can get my waterproof makeup off as long as I take the time to really work it into my lashes.

The Simple Cleansing Micellar Water is good for lighter makeup days & for the rare occasion I might not be using waterproof mascara. I actually think it does come in handy for correcting any liquid liner mishaps and for removing any makeup that might be left close to my hairline where I don’t want to get too close with my cleansing oil. I won’t be using it for days I’m using liquid foundation or waterproof makeup, but I do think it’s handy and I’ll definitely use it up. I probably won’t repurchase, but if it did the job removing waterproof mascara then I’d be way more into it.

Please share your thoughts if you’ve tried this too!

A beauty mini quickie/comparison review: Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment vs. Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment


I was pretty excited to see the Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment in my little bag of skincare samples from Sephora because I’ve been wanting to try it since last year when I got its counterpart, the Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. These masks are both pretty expensive at $79 a pop for 1.2 oz. I ended up getting the little 0.5 oz of the Youthmud for $19 so I could see if I was really going to like it. Unfortunately, the Supermud doesn’t come in the 0.5 oz size, but after reading about both on Sephora’s website I thought it might be more suited to my needs. But since I couldn’t get my hands on the smaller size I kind just put it on the back burner. Then the beauty gods answered my prayers and I happened to get this as part of my skincare bag. I decided to share a little about both since it hasn’t been that long since my experience with the Youthmud.

The Supermud mask is formulated to “target, prevent, and heal problem skin”. The main reason I wanted to try it out is because it’s supposed to help reduce breakouts and blackheads. The Youthmud is supposed to leave your skin more “glowing”, as well giving “tighter skin texture and pores”. The mask is a green/grey thin paste that has that clay mask type of smell. I remember the Youthmud being a more grainy and thicker, I actually used an old foundation brush to apply it as it helped to spread it more easily. The Supermud was fine to apply with my fingers. The main difference I noticed is that there is no “tingling” (or stinging) effect with the Supermud. For me, it wasn’t that bad and it didn’t stop me from finishing up the Youthmud mask, but beware if you have sensitive skin. I left both on for about 15 minutes, as it dries your skin will start to feel tight and it’s hard to move your mouth (I had to tell my husband to stop making me laugh). They both rinse easily with water, but with the Youthmud I did spend some time rubbing the mask onto my skin after adding water to exfoliate.


Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment Sample

In terms of results, I’d say both products do what they say. The Supermud did shrink my pores and reduce my blackheads (it doesn’t completely remove them FYI). The Youthmud did the same, but it also did brighten my face. It really made my skin radiant. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay like that forever, a few hours later the effect had died down.


I couldn’t resist snapping a pic! I was actually trying to smile, but the mask wouldn’t let me!

I would recommend the Youthmud for a special event where you want your skin to look amazing, or if you have dry or dull skin. I’d stick to the Supermud if you’re really just looking for oil control, reducing breakouts and pores, and if you have sensitive skin.

Verdict: Still on the fence on these two. They are so pricey, and I actually may have an alternative that’s much cheaper. I just need to check if mine is still okay to use since I’ve had it for quite awhile, but I’m going to share within the next two weeks! Sorry, I know that’s annoying of me, but I want to actually use it again since it’s been so long since the last time before recommending it (or not, who knows maybe I’ll hate it this next go-around?).

A beauty mini quickie: Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

IMG_9155 I’m pretty attached to my Ole Henriksen Aloe Vera Gel Cleanser and I’m not really interested in replacing it. But, I do occasionally use an exfoliating cleanser in the mornings when I notice my skin is a little drier and I’m getting any flakes. I got a sample of the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser in my little beauty bag from Sephora so I thought I’d give it a try. The main draw from the packaging was that it “helps dissolve debris and blackheads”. I have the most persistent blackheads on my nose, they aren’t huge, but I want them GONE. IMG_9156 The consistency is one of a typical creamy cleanser except that it has tiny physical exfoliants. The instructions say to massage into skin to activate the enzymes. I did spend a good minute with it before rinsing off my face. IMG_9121 Pros:

  • It smells really nice, citrusy and sweet.
  • My skin has never felt SO soft after using this type of exfoliator. I felt like my makeup applied so much more smoothly after using it.


  • It’s pricey ($38).
  • I didn’t notice a huge brightening effect.


This was a winner for me. As I was rinsing my face I actually had a ‘wow’ moment. Like, ‘wow my face is as soft as a baby’s bottom’. It’s hard to speak to the claims of minimizing pores and blackheads after just using a sample size, but I’m sold enough after using it for just 4 days to find out. I’ve already ordered it from Sephora since they don’t carry it in-store yet, I’ll update on the pores and blackheads situation after I’ve had more time with it.

Have you tried this yet?