Wearing lately & a quick FOTD.

Just wanted to share what I’ve been wearing lately that isn’t so ‘mom’. Because us moms still like to get a little fancy once in awhile too. And by ‘fancy’ I mean anything but jeans and a T-shirt.

On M’s day off, we went into the city for our family day and something about going into town makes me want to look a little nicer. So of course I decide to wear a $17 trapeze dress I got from Forever 21. I belted it with a brown leather Coach belt that I actually thrifted a few years ago. I topped it off with a panama hat from Target and to be honest, I did not wear those platforms from Forever 21. I wanted to, but since I knew we’d be doing a lot of walking around, I ended up changing at the last minute into those Steve Madden ‘Donddi’ flats that I’ve been wearing all summer.

Ava and I went to a baby shower over the weekend and I wore this yellow dress from Forever 21 that I’ve actually had for forever (ha!). I remember when I was younger I used to feel like I needed a new outfit for every party. And when you have a big Filipino family, there are a lot of parties. Nowadays, I’m more practical and I’m not afraid to recycle. This dress was a steal and it’s held up surprisingly well over 5+ years. And the shoes I was really excited to wear, they’re strappy suede slingbacks with pom poms on the front that I got probably at least 8 years ago and have never worn. No joke. I’m not quite sure why these have never seen the light of day, but since they have a lower (3 inch) heel and are a taupey purple shade, they’re neutral enough and comfortable enough to work with the dress and an active toddler. 

For date night last week, I wore a pale pink blouse and navy shorts. I always get cold in restaurants and I thought the light fabric of the top would help me feel a little more covered, but not super hot since the evenings are still quite humid here. Red always feels like a neutral to me and I didn’t feel like wearing heels, so I wore these red pointed toe flats from Zara. A classic black shoulder bag completed the look.

I thought I’d throw this in because I just liked my makeup on baby shower day. Just another one of my usual neutral eye looks. I won’t bore you with the play by play, but I wanted to share what I used, especially since most of it is drugstore. I think my palette of the month is going to be the L’Oreal La Palette Nude 1, if you don’t have a big neutral eye shadow palette yet and you don’t want to spend a ton, I’d recommend this! You can read more about it and see swatches here. Also, the lipstick I wore is MAC Brave.

I hope everyone is making it through the midweek slump! Ava is sick this week and her clingy nature has reached an all time high! Like literally latching onto my leg when I try to walk away. So cute, yet so exhausting!


Wearing lately: Ever the minimalist.


L to R: running errands, dinner with friends, more errands (they never end)


Life automatically becomes insanely busy during the holiday season, and on top of that I’ve been spending every spare moment I have on any last details for Ava’s first birthday party this weekend (yikes!). So getting dressed has become a rat race to beat the clock, or really Ava’s wakeup time from her nap. I pretty much stick to what I know works, keeping it extremely simple with practically no accessories (I’m lucky if I get a chance to slip on my wedding band these days). Pink and grey are a classic color combination that I love (they were also my wedding colors), whenever I reach for my grey jeans I look for this light pink sweater I got from H&M several years ago. I just love they way these two soft and somewhat muted colors look together. A comfy boyfriend style sweater should be in every girl’s closet, I look forward to the fall every year so I can pull mine out. I got it from BCBGeneration two years ago and I wish I bought it in every color. Because I would literally wear it every day. Paired with skinny jeans and pointy-toe black booties and you can’t go wrong. And finally, a chambray shirt and chucks are in heavy rotation right now, either together or with other casual wear. I love a good button-up because you can layer it like this or just wear it alone. And honestly, I am not really a sneaker girl, but ever since I started wearing these Chuck Taylor’s a year ago I’ve been a convert. They are just so comfortable and work easily into any wardrobe.

Tomorrow is Ava’s actual birthday, I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by! Today was my last day with my baby, tomorrow she will be a big girl! Not really, but you know what I mean.


Me and my one year old 🙂


Wearing lately: Making old things new again.


Arden B. sweater & jeans, Forever 21 tank, Sam Edelman boots

I’ve been shopping my closet a lot lately because, let’s face it, kids ain’t a cheap. And I only have one. So I’m trying to show some love to the things in my closet I don’t wear often, but can’t quite bear to part with. I’ve had these jeans and this long, open cardigan from Arden B. forever. I know this because the last time I shopped at that store I was still in college. I know I wore them a lot when I first bought them, but I didn’t even really wear them much pre-pregnancy when I could fit into them. Since there wasn’t anything really ‘wrong’ with either item I couldn’t get rid of them. Yes, I’m a major clothes/make-up hoarder (says my husband). Anyway, the days are getting cooler, but not so much that I need a jacket and a sweater will usually do. So I threw this over a basic white tank and paired it with some distressed jeans and boots. I tucked the tank into my jeans to keep the look a little neater since all the pieces are relatively relaxed in fit. I also added this double chain necklace from Stella & Dot.


Loving necklaces with a bolder chain

So while it’s true I need to do some major editing in my closet, I’m glad I kept these pieces and I’m having fun putting together new outfits with old favorites.

Wearing lately: Fall Fluorescence


H&M sweater, Siwy jeans, Zara slip-ons

The sun has finally started shining again and I thought this sweater would be appropriate for today’s mommy date outfit. I like brights in any season, not just the spring and summer. I actually bought this sweater when I was pregnant, I tried to buy as much ‘non-maternity’ maternity wear so that I could still enjoy it after she was born. I wore this with a lot with black leggings in those days. But now that I can wear my jeans again, I’m pairing it with those. I also find that wearing jeans helps to keep my eating habits in check-when they start getting tighter, I’m probably over indulging.


Jewelmint gold bar necklace & Forever 21 rhinestone necklace

I used to think that big, bold necklaces could only be worn at night or if I was more dressed up, but that has changed recently. Maybe because I don’t really go out much at night anymore and I miss wearing a lot of my jewelry. I really like how a statement necklace adds to a more casual outfit, making it a little more fun. I wear my gold bar necklace every day (because I never take it off) and I actually liked combination of them together.


Zara slip-ons

I’d been on the hunt for a new pair of flats that are easy to put on and comfortable. I have a pair of gray Tom’s, but I wanted something sturdier. I was thinking of getting the Steve Madden Ecentric slip-on sneakers in leopard print, but I saw these on the Zara website and couldn’t resist them. I’m a sucker for anything gray, I’m not sure why. I also liked the black leather detailing that contrasts with the light gray. I tried to find these on the Zara website, but they’re already gone (seriously, if you ever like something from Zara, just buy it because if you wait too long it will be sold out). I’m still thinking about the SM slip-ons because to me, leopard is a neutral, but I’ve been completely satisfied with these as of late.



I’m also testing out a new makeup product, it’s only been a couple of weeks, but I have to say I’m in love. I want to try it a few more times before I share it and give a proper review.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great weekend so far!

Wearing lately: Rainy days.


H&M top, Black Mossimo ‘jeggings’ from Target, Jeffrey Campbell ‘Hanger’ boots, and my crazy top knot cause I’m about to clean the bathroom (glamorous right?)

It’s been raining all week here and the gray skies have worked their way into my wardrobe. I didn’t do much today, just got a trim and touched up my color (trying to be better about going more regularly), then ran some errands with the fam (Wednesdays are our Saturdays because my husband is off). Now it’s time to cozy up on the couch with a hot cup of tea. At least until baby wakes up 🙂