Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick in Medium/Tan Review

Contour products are starting to become as addictive as concealer to me. I’m always up for trying something new, especially from the drugstore. I’m not into buying contour palettes because I feel like I’d end up using only a couple of shades, so I’m always gravitating towards products like the Wet n Wild Dual-Ended Contour Stick. It comes in Light/Medium and in the shade I got, Medium/Tan. While the Burberry Contour Pen is nice, I’d still prefer to find something cheaper and it doesn’t include a highlight shade.

Here are my thoughts.

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Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color Review

This isn’t my first time around the block with the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color, I started wearing Mauve Outta Here again after rediscovering it my Lipstick Lookbook. I forgot how much I liked it and decided to pick up a couple more when I was a Target about a month ago. I finally broke them open this week and wanted to share them. No surprise here, I decided to get Bare It All (tan nude) and Just Peachy (peachy nude). I know I don’t need anymore nude lipstick, but at around $2 each I figured, YOLO.

As usual, let’s start with the packaging, which I pretty much hate. Anytime a lipstick bullet doesn’t fully descend into the tube, it’s just annoying. Overall, it’s pretty cheapy, but you can’t really complain for a $2 product. The formulation of these is somewhat drier than typical, which I suppose lends itself to the semi-matte finish these give. You’ll definitely want to use a lip balm before application. The color payoff is actually pretty good, especially for someone whose lips already have some color like myself. I think the drier formula also helps with the lasting quality here, I’d say you could get a good 3-4 hours of wear without eating or drinking. I actually don’t find these as drying as you’d expect either, at least with a balm. But after they wore off, I didn’t find my lips to be more dry than usual. My lips are in pretty fair condition in the dryness area and I didn’t find that these clung to the minor dry areas I had going on.

I really like both lipstick shades that I picked up, especially Just Peachy. Both colors are ones I can see myself using a lot, and I have been using both pretty regularly since I opened them. Although the packaging leaves much to be desired, the price and quality of the Mega Last Lip Colors make them worth it in my book. If your lips are super dry at the moment, these might not work ask well for you.

All in all, I would recommend the Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colors. What shades have you tried?

Shop my stash: Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Heather Silk


Another drugstore gem I love is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Heather Silk. I haven’t checked out what Wet n Wild has to offer lately, but I probably should since I’m noticing a lot of my favorites are from the brand. This is the only blush I have from them and I’m wondering if the others are just as good.


Heather Silk in the pan & swatched.

Heather Silk is a pretty medium pink shade that is very pigmented. Please use a light hand when applying this blush, otherwise you’re gonna look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. If you’re worried, you can use a duo fiber brush to be on the safe side. The texture of this blush is actually pretty smooth and not too powdery.


Heather Silk on the cheeks.

It’s another blush that I think gives that ‘just came in from the cold look’. It gives a nice pop of color without being overdone. I usually like it best when the rest of my makeup is on the lighter side.


Today’s makeup.

At $3.99, it’s a steal. If you’ve tried the other blush shades from this line that you like (or hate), let me know!

Shop my stash: the Wet n Wild ‘Walking on Eggshells’ Eyeshadow Palette


In an effort to be less wasteful and to curb my makeup hoarding, I’ve decided to use something in my stash that I tend to neglect every day. Whether it’s a blush, highlighter, lipstick, whatever-I need to incorporate it into my makeup look for the day. I realized last year that I have so much makeup, I’ve never hit pan on anything but powder foundation. I probably won’t write a post about every product, just the ones that I feel are more worth sharing.

So today I decided to give my Naked palettes a rest and picked up this Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in ‘Walking on Eggshells’. I got this back when the Wet n Wild eyeshadows were getting a lot of hype and this is was one of the popular ones. The colors in this palette are very pretty and soft, including a light pink lid shade, medium brown crease color, and white highlight. They all have good pigmentation and are surprisingly smooth and creamy in texture for a drugstore eyeshadow and low price point.


L to R: ‘Walking on Eggshells’ in the pan, swatched, and on my eye

I used all the shades in the palette for my eyes today, although it is very rare for me to use anything but a matte color in my crease I resisted the urge to pull out ‘Buck’ or ‘Soft Brown’. Previous to this, I always used the pink or the brown as a lid color and used something matte in my crease. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the turnout, despite all the shades having some shimmer, my eyes didn’t look overly shiny.



Do you have any New Year’s makeup resolutions?